Your car will
thank you…

Protect your cloth or leather car seats from sweat, dirt, water, pet hair and more with the new Seat Hero™ Waterproof Seat Cover.

Stop sitting on towels!

Our innovative design is super durable and fits snugly over any headrest. Seat Hero™ is a must have for active men and women, student athletes, soccer moms, hunters, and pet owners.

The New SeatHero™ Features:

  • Waterproof and sweatproof fabric that is machine washable!
  • Secure non-slip fit – fits all standard vehicles, trucks and SUV’s
  • Innovative design – folds into a bag for easy transport and storage

Benefits & Uses

Protects your
car seats

Waterproof and

A necessity for an
outdoor lifestyle

Surf and sand stays
off car seats


“I am so impressed with my Seat Hero. It is truly a lifesaver for trips to the neighborhood pool. No excuses for wet seats in my car now!”

-Alex T.

We’ll save
you a seat.

Quality Materials, Premium Comfort

We proudly manufacture the Seat Hero in the USA. You will be very comfortable with the soft terry front and feel completely safe that your seats are protected with the 100% waterproof back.

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Waterproof Seat Cover

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Waterproof Seat Cover

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