Now that’s a wrap!

Our Rugged Wrap™ Neck Gaiter is an essential piece of gear for anyone that is active in the sun, wind, or cold. With this essential piece of gear, you will be able to battle the elements with style!

Get Wrapped!

With Rugged Wrap™ your head, neck and face will be protected from any brutal elements mother nature can throw at you. Your athletic performance will not be affected with one of these on.

The Rugged Wrap™ Features:

  • Wicking
  • Wind Resistant
  • Multi-Functional

Benefits & Uses

12+ ways
to wear

Summer and winter
sports approved

Wicks away
sweat in summer

Warm in
the winter


“I love that I can wear my Rugged Wrap™ so many ways for so many different activities. I took it skiing and it really kept the wind and cold at bay!”

-Brandon M.

So many looks…
just one wrap.

How To Wear Your Rugged Wrap™

Rugged Wrap™ injects a unique style into your day of play and gives you 12+ ways to fend off the elements. There are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Get wrapped!

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Rugged Wrap™

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Rugged Wrap™

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Rugged Wrap™

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