Just Fill and Chill

The Chiller is an innovative ice bandana that includes a large tubular pocket, that fills easily with ice, while an adjustable Velcro closure allows a true fit for both men and women. It is an easy on and off piece of gear in hot and humid conditions.

Ice Bandanas

The Chiller™ Ice Bandana design is comfortable, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. It is a must-have for endurance athletes, runners, cyclists, triathletes and hikers, as well, as soccer, lacrosse, tennis, golf, football, softball, baseball, and field hockey players.

Function & Style

  • Lowers body temperature in hot and humid conditions and improves performance.
  • Ease of use, easy to fill with ice, easy on and off
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns

Benefits & Uses

Lowers body

Hike, bike, and
climb approved

Great for student-
athletes and spectators



“The Chiller is perfect for hot summer football practices as well as for meto wear in the stands to watch while
the sun is beating down!”

-Tracy S.

Keep it cool with our ice packs.

The Chiller Ice Packs (Single, 2pk, 4pk)

These instant ice packs fit perfectly into The Chiller Ice Bandana. Just wet, freeze and insert for instant cooling. You can also wet and heat in the microwave for instant heat therapy.

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