Get your Chica on!

Whether you are training for a 5K, hiking Mt. Everest or just running around town, Chica Bands™, a non-slip headband, is a functional and fashionable must-have for all active women and girls.

Who is Chica?

Chica Bands are great for girls and women of all ages who play, run, race, play soccer, tennis, golf, volleyball, softball, and lacrosse. Our bands are also a must have for cyclists, hikers, skiers, ice skaters, cheerleaders and more!

Available Chica Sizes:

  • Chicitas (0-3 yrs old)
  • Chica Bands (4+ yrs old)

Benefits & Uses

Non-slip, tames hair
and stops sweat

Fashionable with
a large variety

On a run, in the
garden, at the beach

Sports never
looked so good


“Even while running my Chica Band magically stayed in place. It also absorbed sweat which was a bonus! Thumbs up!”

-Carmen L.

For your up and
coming chica.

Chicita Bands (0-3 yrs old)

Our Chicita Bands are specifically designed to fit a newborn to three year old child. They may be smaller but still pack all the same great design and benefits of their older sister, the Chica Band. How cute will you and your chicita be in matching bands!

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