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Get your Chica on!

We don’t mess around when it comes to high performance accessories for active women and men. Chica Sport™ has you covered with products that will up your game in both performance and fashion including, our flagship product, Chica Bands, a non-slip, sweat wicking fitness headband, Rugged Wrap Neck Gaiter, The Chiller Ice Bandana, and Seat Hero Waterproof Seat Cover. Keep moving in style!

Chica Bands

Nonslip Head Bands

Chica Bands, our nonslip, nonbinding hair band is as practical as it is fashionable. They are a must have for active women and girls.

The Chiller

Ice Bandana

The Chiller is an innovative cooling neck bandana that has become a go-to product for ultra marathoners and extreme athletes that provides improved performance and style. It includes a large tubular pocket, which can be filled partially, or entirely, with ice.

Rugged Wrap

Neck Gaiter

The Rugged Wrap will protect you from the sun, wind and the cold while you are out in the elements. With 12+ ways to wear it, it is an essential piece for active women and men! It also ups your style game.

Seat Hero

Waterproof Seat Covers

Protect your car seats from sweat, dirt, water, pet hair and more with the new Seat Hero Waterproof Seat Cover. Stop sitting on towels!

Express Yourself!

Customize your Chica Bands

Let us create a design on Chica products for your team, company, race, or group to include a logo, name or design unique to you! Shoot us an email to get started!